Accounting & Administration

India is far away!

And from Europe the local administrative requirements are difficult to understand and the European parent company can hardly control whether the Indian presence actually complies with all guidelines and administration standards. Hereof risks arise that often only show when difficulties occur on site. These include, for example, vulnerability towards Indian authorities (corruption risk) or blackmail in case of a dispute with employees, cooperation partners or competitors.

You are looking for a service provider that takes over, controls and supervises the entire administration of your local presence / representative office in India temporarily or permanently? Then address us.

We have qualified and certified staff in New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai, that can cover all your requirements regarding administrative work in India. Besides, we offer you control through project managers in Germany, who will discuss all subject-specific steps with you and monitor the quality of the work. It is our highest bid to make your company immune while the administrative processes continue!

  • Concentrate on your core competencies: sales or production. And hand your administrative tasks temporarily or permanently over to us.
  • We provide you with our tested administrative infrastructure and a minimal in-house administrative apparatus.
  • Avoid non-transparency due to incomplete reporting.
  • Minimise the risks of abuse through incorrect accounts, disguised payments or deliberate violations of law.
  • Make permanent use of contact persons in Germany for your questions, explanations and plans.
  • Sustainability does not mean the mere „working off“ of administrative work to us, but setting up your own administrative structures in India step by step and enabling you to achieve autonomy in the long run.

Bookings under Indian law, billing, finance & cash management, taxes, balance sheet preparation.

Employee administration. Wages and transfer of non-wage costs. Employee registrations in compliance with the Indian social security system (e.g. Provident Fund).

A monthly, quarterly and annual reporting adjusted to your individual needs. If required, integration of your Indian activities into existing systems (e.g. SAP).

Your technical team as a partner of our commercial experts (e.g. in the context of EPC projects), e.g. purchase plans, logistics, contract management, claim management, billing and reporting.

Understand India’s tax system, calculate tax payments, pay them to the authorities and report correctly, incl. corporate taxes, sales taxes, service taxes, withholding taxes (TDS) etc.

Finance & cash management, prepare payment transactions and carry them out after your release.

Company secretary, board meetings, shareholder’s meeting, records, book of contracts, communication with authorities / trade register.

Setup of your autonomous administration department with our help. Transferring our work into this administrative structure, e.g. through transfer of our administrative staff or through training and professional guidance of new employees.

Contact our administration experts!