Company Formation

No ready-made company foundation, but individually designed for you!

To us, company foundation is not merely obtaining the certificate of incorporation. We rather set out at the joint planning of the company, the individual design of all charters and business apportionment plans as well as the implications regarding tax, finance and company law.

It goes without saying that we then implement the foundation on site and take over the entire communication with authorities. In this process we see ourselves as a „One Stop Solution“, which takes care of literally all aspects of the foundation.

To us, a foundation is only completed when your company has gained full autonomy in India. Accordingly, we take over responsibility for the entire process and do not surprise you with unpredictable and expensive special work during the process.

  • Know what you will face, prior to the foundation.
  • Minimising the risk for the shareholders through specially tailored company charters and adequate consideration of your targets, needs and preferences.
  • Combining Indian characteristics regarding company law with your European ambitions and targets.
  • Working hand in glove with the project management and competent partners in Germany to accomplish the foundation.
  • Integration of your new company into the administrative processes of your parent company.
  • Temporary take-over of all administrative works during the initial phase to the end of transferring them into a future autonomous administrative structure.

Finance, investment and tax planning. Choose the right representative form (Private Limited Company, branch office, liaison office and others). Be familiar with the future administrative requirements and decide on the desired processes. Minimise liability risks for directors and risks for shareholders.

Working out individually tailored articles of association (articles of association, memorandum of association), business apportionment plans for the future board of director, incl. assignment and restriction of authorities internally and externally. Transferring joint venture agreements into charters and release by authorities.

Director Identification Number (DIN), Digital Signatures (DSC), Name Availability, Incorporation, Tax Registrations (PAN and TAN), Value added tax (VAT) and Central sales tax (CST), import and export licences (IEC), Service tax and/or Excise Duty registrations, professional tax, bank account, Share certificates, SRP registrations etc.

In addition to the „usual“ company foundation further registrations, such as Excise Manufacture licences, import of industrial goods (machinery / constructions), acquisition of land etc.

Transferring your new company into your daily administrative routine in Germany and India. Adjusting processes and monitoring the efficiency of the Indian administration.

Temporary restricted structures for project management and special work.

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