Executive Search

In India, good personnel is rare and therefore hard to find. The selection is aggravated by a large number of manipulated CVs and fake references. Likewise, by means of interviews and assessment tests serious candidates have to be separated from the large group of pure opportunists, job hoppers and candidates having no genuine interest in your company. The recruiting process in India is therefore more complex and lengthier. On the one hand you have to handle the quantity, on the other you have to search for quality like for a needle in the haystack.

We have a longstanding experience in selecting Indian professionals and managers / executives. Hence we were able to post around 100 Indian CEOs in recent years. The fact that the personnel we selected remain in their jobs much longer than the average is our greatest success.

  • Correctly define personnel requirement.
  • Master the search for the needle in the haystack and find the appropriate candidate.
  • Handle the large number of applications.
  • Sort out „creative“ CVs and check references.
  • Conduct personal interviews and further aptitude tests.
  • Make decisions based on qualification and personality.
  • Minimise the „job hopper risk“ considerably.

Draft of job profiles and job descriptions for future employees and definition of responsibilities.

Conducting search for personnel by suitable experts on site. Assistance in personnel decision, including the definition of remuneration models and contracts.

Design and subsequent measurement of target agreements together with the employees. Introduction of sanction and optimisation measures as well as training systems.

Assess candidates by means of interviews, personality inventories and capability tests. Compare candidates to each other by observing them in group situations. Practice critical situations.

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