Indian pragmatism. European quality.

We deliver solid solutions. Not glossy concepts.

We plan in Europe and implement in India!

This may sound obvious, but unfortunately in reality things often look different. For many companies, lasting problems with business in India only arose because important management decisions for India were made on the basis of ‚Indian conditions‘ – influenced or initiated by people living in India.

We always take the opposite approach: We think in terms of the European headquarters and always subject all our actions both in Europe and in India to their strategic plans.

Europe-based contact persons. Clear responsibilities. Transparency.

  • Our consultants are specialists and managers who have worked for a number of years in both Europe and India.

  • We are present for you in the main economic regions of India with an implementation team of 40 specialists.

  • In particularly critical situations we also have problem-solvers who can take immediate action.

Our India know-how – for all cases

  • Market Research
    Market Exploration Trips
    Sales Representative Search
    Setup Logistics incl. warehouse
    Company Formation

  • Sales structure
    Sales data analysis
    Sales check
    Sales optimization
    Business Development

  • Feasibility study
    Location analysis & search
    Land purchase and development
    Product planning / product adaptation
    Development and optimization of supplier networks
    Authorisations and applications

  • HR planning
    Executive search
    Management and control
    Familiarization and coaching
    Personal performance checks

  • Tax planning & processing
    Financial accounting
    Secretarial & Corporate Compliance
    Virtual Controller / CFO
    Receivable management & collection

  • Risk Assessment
    Corporate Veil
    Prevention of corruption
    Audits & Due Diligences
    Avoidance of permanent establishment

  • Sales opt-in
    Cost reducation & process management
    Change management

  • Takeover of the management
    Integration of technical experts
    Deployment of a task force

  • Disputes with joint venture partners
    Dealing with strikes

  • Restructuring
    Staff reducation
    Site closure
    Dissolution of joint ventures
    Company closure

Customers & Case studies