Trust professionals in critical situations!

Take advantage of our experience in dealing with specific Indian risks.

If necessary, we can solve any acute problems on site and, as interim managers, temporarily assume overall responsibility, e.g. in the event of a dispute with employees, negotiations with authorities or business partners, abuse of know-how or even attempts at blackmail.

Temporary assumption of project management or management functions

Your company needs an experienced and seasoned manager in India, who will temporarily manage your business on site, for example until a new Indian manager has been found and trained. Or you need an expert who can accompany an important project in India in your interest. Perhaps you also need a local person of trust to reliably carry out important and critical tasks for you in the interest of your parent company.

  • We ensure the business viability of your company in India

  • On your behalf we conduct negotiations with Indian partners, authorities, trade unions etc.

  • We coordinate teams of experts for you on site – in critical situations, but also for larger investment projects

Our offer for Interim Management

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