Organisation and Process Consulting

As a result of the Indian cultural history (among others the caste system), organisations in India work differently than in Europe. Hierarchies are much steeper and more subdivided. Exchange of information takes place only indirectly or not at all. Communication is more informal and the expectations of employees towards their superiors and vice versa differ from those of European colleagues. Team work is still something new in India.

Under these circumstances foreign companies have difficulties to apply their internationally proven structures and processes in India. Even successful concerns have to state after many years that „European“ structures and processes do not work out in India.

We have experts who built and ran successful companies and concerns in India themselves. Benefit from this experience and build up an efficient organisation in India together with us.

  • Which Indian characteristics have to be considered in the process and organisational planning?
  • Define and erect necessary structures in India.
  • Identify and name relevant interfaces with the parent company / headquarters.
  • Create clear structures, responsibilities and authorities.
  • Define control and monitoring processes.
  • Avoid misunderstandings and „room for interpretation“.

Making Indian characteristics known in the parent company. Focussing only on those aspects that have direct consequences for your organisation i.e. your business in India.

Define the required functions and make an organigram. Define tasks and responsibilities of all important positions. Check for compatibility with India. Foresee conduct of Indian employees and fix weak spots.

Plan communication within the Indian organisation as well as the one between India and the parent company / headquarters. Define interfaces and agree on rules. Monitor compliance and sanction deviations.

Take a stress test of existing organisations in order to identify and correct prevailing weak points, misunderstandings or even informal „parallel organisations“, which are yet unknown to the parent company / headquarters.

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