Procurement Market

Goods from India have been exported to Europe for centuries. Initially it were spices, precious stones, cotton and tea, whereas nowadays even machines, car parts, IT services, metal and electrical goods, cast parts and medicines are exported.

India is still not regarded as a typical production site, such as China. But India scores in fields that offer, apart from the pure production, chances for research and development or in fields where there are high technological requirements.

While global companies already run their own purchasing offices for many years, medium-sized companies tend to rely on independent auditors and our procurement experts of WB market solutions®. Since it is a challenge to be able to differentiate the top class of high-performance suppliers in India from the rest. Indian suppliers know very well how to represent themselves, but later they are often unable to meet commitments and targets previously agreed on.

  • Recognise the potential but also prepare oneself for arising difficulties.
  • Avoiding to be misled by an extremely low offer price but taking into account the entire process, incl. extra efforts for the parent company.
  • Ensure that all relevant aspects (quality, quantity, date and price) have been equally understood and agreed on by both parties. Checking compliance with agreements and guidelines consistently.
  • Implement an early warning system to detect unwanted developments in time and to take according corrective steps.

Identify procurement potentials and check for feasibility. Consider consequences for the parent company and include them in the cost analysis.

Systematic search for an appropriate supplier, incl. informal acquisition of information.

Support in the selection process (pre-audit), commercial negotiations and conclusion (contracts) as well as support in technical audits.

Monitoring and regular communication with the suppliers. Ensure transparency between parent company / headquarters and supplier. Implement an early warning system.

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