Sales Development & Optimisation

To successfully sell products „Made in Europe“ in India premises a detailed knowledge of the market and market participants. Hereby meaning not only the common „market data“ on potentials and growth rates but also the knowledge of Indian characteristics, such as the expectations of Indian customers, the business practices of Indian partners and competitors, decision-making processes in India as well as strengths and weaknesses of your own sales team or of the Indian sales partner.

Our project experience shows that the number of foreign companies that do not attain the desired sales success in India is surprisingly large. „Inefficient distribution structures“, „unreliable sales partners i.e. sales employees“, „lack of transparency“, „too lax management / control“ and „too much supervising work for the parent company – these seem to be typical traps.

Build adequate local structures, talk to the „real“ decision makers, cooperate with reliable distribution partners and check efficiently your sales results:

  • Mastering the Indian market and its framework conditions.
  • Establish and maintain adequate access to relevant customers, intermediaries and partners.
  • Identify, build and control the proper distribution structures for India.
  • Putting your current sales organisation regularly to the test and optimising it as needed.

Collect and assess data and information on the respective product fields and market participants, incl. informal exchange with customers, partners, employees and competitors.

Getting in touch with important customers / sales agents, having conversations on site in order to obtain relevant „first-hand“ information on the market and presenting your own brand. Monitoring the usage of own products in the Indian environment.

Systematic search for suitable distribution partners (importer, distributor, dealer, agent).

Setting up appropriate structures (e.g. company foundation), employment and supervision of Indian sales staff, regular progress checks.

Direct support of your market cultivation by establishing contacts and public relations through a liaison officer.

Use of the WB-infrastructure, full-time or part-time use of WB staff etc., support of the sales activities by the WB organisations in India.

Analysis of the own sales activities in India and the conduct of the sales partner or sales staff in comparison to other market suppliers (local and international) as well as alignment with customer expectations. Win-order and Lost-order analysis, customer satisfaction surveys and mystery shopping.

Preparation and implementation of individual measures for an increase in profits.

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