Our Business Climate Index India 2021 shows that the Indian market is increasingly becoming the focus of companies, despite global challenges and restrictions. Current trends clearly indicates this ‚change of direction‘: companies are on the lookout for new, alternative markets. Locations for new production sites or sales platforms are being sought. Equally in demand is the expansion or reorganization of supplier networks. 

For us, it is clear which alternative market is particularly attractive for the global economy: India! 

Whether as an additional market in the Asian region or as a starting point for expansion in Asia, India offers many opportunities. Equally important for companies‘ strategies in the coming months will be the strengthening of already existing local branches and expansion of activities in India. 

WB Trade & Services

From the complex rules and regulations, import processes and warehousing through to business development, our trade and market entry specialists at WB Trade & Services will craft many roads towards your success in capturing India’s market. 

Since 2003, we have been assisting many B2B and B2C companies with their challenges in India, whether multinational corporations, medium-sized companies, or start-ups; by developing individual and tangible solutions for business practices. 

Our experts Karl Freedman, VP Business Development and Operations, and Rajavadivel Santhanakrishnan, Head Market Solutions, will be sharing their own experiences with you in this webinar series, giving you a first insight into the world of trading with a wide variety of opportunities available in India. 


Webinar Series

Supplier Search – 04th August 2022, 14-15h CET

An increasing number of companies want and need to make their supply chains more resilient. Dependence on individual suppliers or regions is proving to be a bottleneck in corporate strategy. They are looking for new or additional suppliers – including in India.  

In this webinar, we report on our supplier search strategy. How can WBTS support you, what do you have to pay attention to? 


Location Search – 17th August 2022, 14-15h CET

The ideal location – which criteria are important? Is the location being considered even suitable for the industry?  

This involves looking for a suitable rental property for offices or a sales platform, renting, buying or building a hall for the company’s own production or even land for building a manufacturing base. The possibilities in India are manifold. 

In this webinar, we’ll look at our experts‘ approach, which has been proven over years of practice. 


Distributor Search & Trading – 1st September 2022, 14-15h CET

There are many ways to build a business in India. This also includes the pure distribution of the products. After all, India has the fastest growing population and has a correspondingly large sales market to offer. 

In this webinar, we will highlight the different distributor opportunities available in the market. At the same time, we will take a look at the specialized and customized solutions offered by WB Trade & Services.




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